How to Fix no Command Error in Android?

How to Fix no Command Error in Android?

With the methods mentioned in this article, you will learn how to fix no command error in Android, These are the best solutions.

So let’s now try to solve no command problem by following the steps given below.


How do I Fix the “Android Recovery Mode No Command” Error?

Most of the users get a No Command screen while accessing recovery mode on Android phones.

If such a situation is happening to you, we will tell you some simple ways to deal with it.

But before that, you need to know how to enter recovery mode.


How do I Fix the “Android Recovery Mode No Command” Error?


How do I Reboot Android Phone in Recovery Mode?

For this, you should observe the following points.

  • You must turn off your device.
  • Then hold the Power button and Volume Down button until you get the bootloader option.
  • Android recovery mode is not a command.
  • Then in the bootloader menu, use the volume up or down button to select different options or use the power button to select.
  • After that select ‘Recovery Mode’ here.
  • Hence, if you see a No Command error message on a black screen, then the troubleshooting methods discussed above must be applied.


Force the Android phone to restart

When you encounter such an error, the best solution is to restart your Android phone.

  • To do this, start by pressing and holding the Power button along with the All Volume Down button.
  • Release all buttons when the phone is completely off.
  • Then with the phone off, press and hold the power button until the phone vibrates or the screen lights up.
  • If the phone starts normally, then your problem is solved. If it is showing a “No Command” screen, you can try the following solution.

Force the Android phone to restart


Clear your phone’s cache

Another best solution to fix an Android phone stuck on the “no command” screen is to clear the phone’s cache.

It also has the advantage of not losing any of your data. So, you must try it.

  • You have to turn off your Android phone.
  • In the second step, you have to press and hold the Volume Up button along with the Power button.
  • When the Android icon appears then release the Power button but must hold the Volume Up button.
  • After you have entered the Android recovery menu, press the Power button using the Volume Down button to select the “Wipe Cache Partition” option and confirm.
  • Android recovery mode is not a command.
  • Now I have to use the On/Off button to confirm by volume down again to select the “Yes” option.
  • After completing the system cache-clearing process, return to the recovery menu, select the “Reboot system now” option with the volume down button and press the power button to confirm.


Perform a hard reset (factory reset)

If your problem is not solved by the methods listed above, then you need to reset the system to factory defaults.

But this will erase all the files on your phone. Also, after the reset, you need to reinstall all apps and also sync all your accounts again.

But this is the best way to fix errors on Android, especially when your Android phone gets stuck on the “no command” screen.

So if you don’t have important files on your phone, follow the steps below to reset to factory defaults (hard reset).

  • First, you need to turn off your cell phone completely and hold down the volume up button and the power button.
  • When the Android logo appears on the screen, release the Power button and hold the Volume Up button.
  • Now in the recovery menu, use the Volume Down button to select the “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” option and press the Power button to confirm.
  • Still using the Volume Down button, select the option “Yes – Delete all user data” and confirm by pressing the On/Off button.
  • This will format your phone to factory defaults. When you return to the recovery menu, confirm by selecting the “Reboot system now” option to restart the phone.

Perform a hard reset (factory reset)


How do I fix Installing System Update No Command Error?

When installing a system update, command errors are not displayed if the process fails in the middle.

The installation process may also be interrupted during automatic OS updates. To face this kind of problem you have to follow the method mentioned below.

  • Before that, you press the volume down, power button, and home button together until the recovery menu appears.
  • The next step is to install the system update no command by applying the update from the cache.
  • Then choose the “Apply Update from Cache” option utilizing the Volume Up/Down buttons from the list.
  • After that select the available OS update again.
  • Now press the power button to start the update.
  • If there is no command error, the system update must be installed from external storage.
  • Directly choose the “Apply update from external storage” option. After this, one has to go to the updater option and select the downloaded update file.


What Does Android No Command Error Mean?

Android No Command is an annoying screen. which appears when you try to reset an Android device.

Often when you boot into recovery mode, you’ll see a resting Android robot with “No Commands” behind it or an exclamation point triangle.

In most cases when users reset their phones, they don’t face any problems, but occasionally some users see the Android No Command screen on their devices.

This screen doesn’t notify anything and just says there is no command.

What Does Android No Command Error Mean?



How do I fix the no command on infinix?

  • You have to use different key combinations to enter recovery mode.
  • Use Power + to bring up the menu
  • You have to press the Volume Down + Home button.
  • Or, press the Power + Volume Down buttons.
  • Press Power + Volume Up + Home button.
  • Or, press the Power + Volume Up button.
  • Power + Home buttons have to be pressed.


How do I fix my Android phone that won’t boot into recovery?

  • You need to press the Volume Down button to go to the Wipe Data/Factory Reset option
  • Press the Power button to select the option and start the process.
  • Your device will then reboot normally.


What if my Motorola says no command?

From the “No Command” screen, For this, you need to press and hold the Power/Lock key and then release the Volume Up button to reveal the menu options.

Finally, select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”.

What if my Motorola says no command?


How do you stop the order without?

To fix the “No command” error on Android, you need to use the power button to restart your phone.

Then boot into recovery mode and wipe the cache partition to clear temporary OS and app files.

Even after this if the problem persists then it would be better to reset your device to factory settings.


How do you fix a corrupted phone?

You need to scan your phone with Google Play Protect.

As an Android user, you don’t have to worry about your phone getting damaged.

Because you only need to scan with the Google Play Protect feature.

  • You have to manually uninstall apps that you don’t use or that are messing up your phone.
  • You need to factory reset your phone.
  • You can also seek professional help.


What causes fast boot mode?

Facebook is a tool. It is included with the Android SDK package that is used to modify the Flash file system via a USB connection from the host computer.

For this, it is necessary to start the device in fastboot mode.


Words in the end;

The Android No Command fix methods that we have described in this guide are the best solutions that can help you get rid of this problem.

We hope you have benefited greatly from this article.




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