How to Setup Speed Dial on Android Phone?

How to Setup Speed Dial on Android Phone?

It’s easy to set speed dial numbers for the people you call the most. You’ll be able to quickly call a contact by navigating to “Phone” and pressing and holding the number you’ve assigned. Here you will know How to Setup Speed Dial on Android Phone.

How do I  Setup Speed Dial on Android Phone?

  • When you open the Phone app, you’ll find an icon that resembles an old phone receiver. Now tap on the icon to open the phone app.
  • Now tap the contact. This is the third tab at the bottom of the mobile screen. This will provide you with a list of contacts.
  • Now tap on the contact you want to add to your favorites. This will show the contact’s phone number and options for contacting them.
  • If the person you want to add to your favorites is not currently a contact, you can tap the plus (+) icon in the upper right corner on Samsung Galaxy phones, or create a new contact at the top of the contacts list in Google.
  • Information icons should be tapped. If you use a Samsung Galaxy phone, tap the icon that resembles a small “i” inside a circle to reveal the contact information card.
  • Now tap on the star icon. This will change the star to a hollow one to indicate that the contact has been added to your Favorites list.
  • On Android phones, tap Favorites at the bottom of the menu to view your favorite contacts.
  • Now to call a favorite, tap on the contact name in the favorites list. Then tap this icon.

How do I  Setup Speed Dial on Android Phone


Easy Steps To Use Speed Dial On Android phone?

Here’s how to set up QuickDial or SpeedDial on Android.

  • First, you need to open the default dialer app.
  • The second is to select Speed ​​Dial settings by tapping on the three dots.
  • Then in this menu, you’ll have nine keys to set up all of them as speed dials for different contacts.
  • Now suppose you want to set a speed dial for someone’s number and tap on the number1‘ to select it as the contact you want to save.
  • So whenever you open the dialer and long press “1” it will automatically dial the number of the person you have set.


How to set up speed Dial using Google Voice?

What can be better than that you are not only calling your favorite person cheaply.

For those who want the luxury of unlimited calls on their cell phone plans, Google Voice offers a way to stay in touch without racking up a hefty phone bill.

Google Voice may soon give way to its successor, Project Fi, but users still have access. But not all carriers offer Project Fi.

Another way to speed dial an Android phone is to set your Google Voice number in contacts, enter a space using the letter “p” or a comma, and fill in the number you speed dial. have to do Another easy way is below.


  • First, you need to send a request to your contacts to text your Google Voice number.
  • When someone texts your Google Voice number, Google will assign them a unique ID starting with 406 numbers.
  • If you invite everyone to an event on Facebook or another social media site that notifies everyone that you now have a new number.
  • When you receive a 406 text, it needs to be added to Contacts.
  • Then if you want you can enter this ID as another mobile contact of that person.
  • When you call their new 406 number, you’re using Google Voice.

How to set up speed Dial using Google Voice?




How do I add someone to speed dial?

For this you have to go to the contact and click: More -> Call Settings -> Speed ​​Dial -> Click on the number you want to add -> Select the number and you are done.


How do I set up a speed dial on Google Dialer?

Fortunately, your Android phone gives you a few different ways to set up speed dials for your favorite contacts.

Below are the top 4 ways to set up a speed dial on Android.

  • Add the first contact to favorites.
  • Second, add a contact to the home screen.
  • Set a speed dial number in the third phone app (Samsung Galaxy Phones).
  • Fourth, use Google Assistant.


Where is the speed dial folder?

You must click the X at the top left of the folder window to return to the speed dial. Now to edit the folder title, you need to Ctrl + click on the folder and select Edit Title.

Where is the speed dial folder?


What number is the speed dial?

To dial this number dial *991, where *99 accesses the speed dial system feature and 1 is the speed dial code.


What is the Speed ​​Dial app?

Speed ​​Dial Pro Max Speed ​​Dial is the best app the easy and fast call, email, and message contacts.

In this way, fast communication with frequently used contacts can be possible. It can also be used for instant calls and SMS in emergencies.


How do you set up the speed dial on sync?


  • You need to press the phone menu on your car’s SYNC screen.
  • Then select the phone number or contact you want to save from the History button or Contacts button.
  • Then press the Quick Dial button. Select the QuickDial slot (1 to 10) in which you want to save the contact.

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