How to get a Fake WhatsApp Number?

How to get a Fake WhatsApp Number?

After making a fake WhatsApp account, you can easily cover your identity.

It provides a lot of benefits as it can separate your professional and personal life.

You can even use a false account to perform humorous jokes on your fellows.

Here are the procedures for How to get fake WhatsApp on an Android.


How to Create a Fake WhatsApp Account on Smartphone using TextNow App?

For this, you need to download and install an app called TextNow App.

After that, you open the app and create a new account. Here you enter your Gmail ID along with your password. You can even sign up with your Facebook ID.

Logging in will display a dialog box asking for your location. Instead of using your region, you need to click on Don’t use location.

Then you have to enter the country code from which you want to get the number. Copy your favorite number.


After that, you open WhatsApp

Paste the copied number here.

In the next step, you get a verification code to verify your mobile number on the TextNow app.

By entering that code in WhatsApp you are ready to make and receive calls on this disposable WhatsApp account.

How to Create a Fake WhatsApp Account on Smartphone using TextNow App?

Use 2ndLine on Android

You have to follow these steps to create fake WhatsApp using the 2ndLine app on your Android device.

In the second step, you have to launch the 2nd line app and sign up. You can use any email address as the app does not require email verification.

Allow any need now.

Then on the next screen, enter the USA or Canada area code to create a fake phone number.

Then one has to select the fake number from the list.

After that, you have to open WhatsApp and enter the number generated above.

This makes WhatsApp send a verification code to your fake phone number.

Then go to the second line app and find the WhatsApp message there.

Now if you don’t receive a message, you have to request a call.

Finally, enjoy your new WhatsApp with your unrecognized phone number by entering the verification code.

Use 2ndLine on Android


How to create a fake WhatsApp account using a fake number?

Download the Second Line app from Play Store/App Store and install it.

In the second step, you have to sign up on this app.

In the third step, it will ask for the area code. Enter whatever you want into the system.

Once you finish the wizard successfully, your fake WhatsApp number will be generated.

You use it to register and verify the OTP.


Can two WhatsApp be installed on one phone?

When you are about to create a new account without using a personal number, you might be thinking that you need to get a different phone to use that number.

But this is not the case at all, by installing GB WhatsApp Apk on your device you can run two separate WhatsApp accounts n the same phone.

If you don’t want to change your original WhatsApp, there is another method. You might consider trying the Parallel Space application, which can copy any app you have on your smartphone.

Can two WhatsApp be installed on one phone?


Use a Website

To use the website to create a fake WhatsApp account, you need to follow the steps below:

First, you go to on your web browser.

The second step is to scroll down to find a phone number from any country that interests you, then click on it.

Now enter the phone number on WhatsApp.

The next step is to go back to the website and find the message from WhatsApp and copy the code.

Then enter the code in WhatsApp and start using your fake account.

This technique will require a bunch of patience.


What is a Fake WhatsApp Account?

A fake WhatsApp account is an account that users use to prank their friends, share fake news, spread false rumors, and do other activities.

You must know the benefits of creating a fake WhatsApp account.

 We should be fully aware of these benefits. Perhaps, you wish to hide your DP, status, and last scene without blocking some selected users.



No need to use a personal phone number.

Whatsapp temporary account

More security etc

You can also use an international number.

It does not require a verification code.

You can also surprise your friends by hiding the country number.

What is a Fake WhatsApp Account?


Can you give WhatsApp a fake number?

While you have to use a phone number to sign up for WhatsApp.

It does not have to be your number. You can use alternate numbers, including landlines, or set up a fake WhatsApp number.


How do I get a fake WhatsApp number for free?

You can start by searching for and downloading the app 2ndLine from your phone’s app store.

This app allows users to create a second “burner” phone number.

Now open the 2nd line application & sign up. You must create a username and password to use the 2ndLine app.


What is the app that gives you fake numbers?

Burner is a subscription-based app that gives you two easy ways to enjoy our anonymous phone numbers and privacy, organizational, and anti-spam features.


What is the app that gives you fake numbers?

How do you  Activate WhatsApp Without a Verification Code?

Creating a new number

Activating WhatsApp on iOS and Android

Enabling WhatsApp on Windows.

Activating WhatsApp Web on aa PC


Can I bypass WhatsApp verification?

Text No App Number is used to install WhatsApp without SIM verification.

While setting up a WhatsApp account, the  Textnow number has to be entered for verification.

Wait for 5 minutes to not verify the WhatsApp number but fail it.

Can I bypass WhatsApp verification?


How do I bypass the WhatsApp verification code Whatsapp Without a SIM card?

The first step is to enter the respective TextNow and TextFree numbers on your WhatsApp.

Then agree to the terms and conditions and immediately enter your country name and the number provided by the given TextNow and TextFree app.

Then wait for the authentication to fail.


Should I use the Google Voice number for WhatsApp?

To use WhatsApp without using your real phone number, you can also use Google Voice.

Google Voice allows you to get a new number that you can use for WhatsApp. After you set up your new number, reinstall WhatsApp.



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