How do I see my text message history?

How to Find Old Text Messages on Android?

In this article, we will tell you how to find old text messages on android You can find it with or without a computer. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find old text messages on android.

How to recover old text messages from Android phones?

After an SMS message is deleted, they are not immediately erased from the phone’s internal memory.

It is possible to recover texts as long as they are not overwritten by newly deleted items. So follow the instructions below to recover the messages.

How to recover old text messages from Android phones?


How can I recover old text messages from Android with SMS Backup & Restore?

SMS backup and restore software lets you backup text messages and MMS – as well as call logs – in XML format and can selectively restore all those messages or specific conversations. keeps which you have already backed up.


  • For this first, you need to run SMS backup and restore on your Android phone.
  • The second step is to tap on the icon with three horizontal lines and select Restore.
  • Then select where you want to restore messages from.
  • Next, toggle the “Messages” slider to the right.
  • The next step is to tap on Restore at the bottom right corner of the screen when the confirmation is done.
  • Then tap OK if a dialog box asks you to temporarily set SMS Backup & Restore as your default messaging app.
  • Now check “SMS Backup and Restore” and tap Set as Default.
  • When the restoration is complete, tap on Close. Then, when prompted to set the Messages app as the default SMS app, select OK.
  • Finally, open your SMS app and see that it now shows all the old messages.

How can I recover old text messages from Android with SMS Backup & Restore?


How can I recover old text messages from Android with Google drive?

Can old deleted messages from old phones and old phone numbers be recovered, even if your phone is lost or broken or not around? This is possible if you backed up the text to Google Drive before it was deleted.

It is worth mentioning that using this SMS recovery method, you need to wipe all data on your phone and reset it to factory settings to restore texts from Google backups.

You can try this method if the old messages that were gone contain important data like passwords, client information, etc.

To recover deleted text messages on Android without a computer, it is necessary to first check the backup in Google Drive.

If you want to retrieve text messages from an old phone with the same number to a new phone, you need to log in to a Google account. which you used to back up the texts.


  • First, you need to tap on the Google Drive app on your phone screen to open it.
  • The second step is to tap on the menu button located at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Then tap on Backup to check if you have backed up the lost messages.
  • If a backup is available for SMS text messages, factory reset your phone after backing up all your favorite data and files.
  • Then sign in to the Google account on the phone that is set up.
  • In the next step, if you see a message asking if you want to restore the Android backup, tap Restore.
  • Finally, follow the rest of the on-screen instructions to complete the setup and see if the old messages return to your messaging app.

How can I recover old text messages from Android with Google drive?


Can I Recover Deleted Text Messages from an Android phone without a Computer?

  • First, you need to connect your Android phone and launch Dr.Fone on your computer, and select “Data Recovery“.
  • Then connect your Android phone to the PC utilizing a USB cable. You have allowed USB Debugging on your Android phone.
  • Next, select the file types to scan.
  • When the phone is successfully connected, Dr.Fone for Android displays all the data types and you select the type of data you want to recover.
  • Press on “Next” to continue the data recovery method.
  • In the next step it will scan your Android phone to recover deleted data, this process may take some time.
  • After that, the deleted data on Android devices has to be previewed and recovered.
  • When the scan is complete, you can review the data found one by one. Review the items you like and hit “Recover” to save them all to your PC.


How do I back up text messages from an old android phone?


The loss of old SMS can be very difficult to assess, so consider establishing a regular backup regimen. And you can discover numerous ways to do this.

Keep the backup updated whenever you make a change by turning on the Backup to Google Drive option to make copies of your SMS messages in Google.

If your primary concern is to back up SMS/MMS messages whenever you want, SMS Backup and Restore can.

If you want a program that doesn’t involve messing with your phone, Android Data Backup and Restore is a great choice.

How do I back up text messages from an old android phone?



How can I retrieve old text messages?

You can restore texts, calls, device settings, contacts, calendars, photos, and videos by opening the Google Drive app, tapping “Menu,” then “Backup,” and then restoring the backup version you’re looking for. Restore.


How far back can text messages be retrieved?

If you’re wondering where text messages go when deleted? Android operating systems store text messages in the phone’s memory, so if they are deleted, they cannot be recovered.


How do I see my text message history?

The ‘History‘ dialer is found to the right of the number ‘0’ on the dial pad. If not already chosen, hit on the ‘Text‘ tab at the top. Then to the right of the phone number, you’ll see the text status.


How do I see my text message history?


Are old text messages saved?

All text messages are saved by default on Android phones. So, if you have a SIM card, you won’t be able to see the text messages saved on the phone.

If you want to save them on a SIM card or SD card, then you can manually transfer them one by one to the SIM card.


How do I get text messages from 2 years ago?

If you use a wireless backup service, check when the last backup was taken. If you’ve taken a recent backup before you accidentally deleted the texts, you’ll be able to restore that backup to your phone, and it also restores the text messages to your phone.


Are deleted texts lost forever?

When you delete data from your device image, text, or any document, it does not disappear. Instead, your device labels the space as available to be overwritten by new information.


How long are SMS messages stored?

All gamers retain records of the time and date of the text and the parties to the message for sixty days to seven years.

However, the majority of cellular service providers do not store the content of text messages.


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