How To Boost Internet Speed On Android Phone?

How To Boost Internet Speed On Android Phone?

You constantly need the Internet, whether you’re a student or a businessperson, for a variety of reasons. Although your Android has access to 3G and 4G technology, a speed boost to the Internet wouldn’t hurt.

There are various tips and tricks available to assist you in how to Boost Internet Speed on android phone? You can achieve the same goal with some simple adjustments.


Quick tips to boost internet speed in an Android phone:

Certain reasons slow down your internet speed. It depends upon which factor is affecting your phone’s internet speed. Here are some tips to boost your internet speed on an Android phone.


  • Restart
  • Clear the cache: When the cache memory is full, your Android runs slower than usual, which causes the Internet to load slowly. 
  • Close Background Apps
  • An App that increases speed
  • Ad blocker 
  • Uninstall useless applications
  • Preferred network connection
  • Choose Wi-Fi over mobile data
  • Text mode in the browser
  • Download a faster browser
  • Too many active tabs or Apps

Quick tips to boost internet speed in an Android phone:


How to increase internet speed on an Android phone?

Your phone’s internet speed can be affected by a variety of factors, which explains why slow data is such a widespread issue.

Listed below are a few causes of your data’s slowness.


Try turning your internet connection on and off; it’s simple yet effective.

Your phone will have a chance to renew the first internet connection by doing this.

By frequently switching your aircraft settings off and back on, you may finish this process quite quickly.

Similar to what you would do with the modem inside your home, the more frequently you do it, the better the internet connection will remain.

Clear the cache:

When cache memory is full, your Android runs slower than usual, which slows down the speed of the Internet.

Android caches can be manually cleared, or you can use Smart Phone Cleaner to optimize your device and help you get the fastest possible internet speed on your Android.


Clear the cache from your app settings to increase your internet speed on your Android phone.


Close background apps:

Even when you aren’t utilizing applications all that much, have you ever wondered where your mobile data is going? Your true enemies are background applications.

If you have ten background-running applications, your network’s bandwidth will be shared among them, slowing down your data transfer. “Close all open apps while not in use to maintain a fast internet connection”.

Close background apps:


An App That Increases Speed:

On the other side, download applications that can assist you to boost your internet speed.

There are numerous Android-compatible apps available that can speed up connections on sluggish mobile internet.

These assist in maintaining your cell internet connection without using up all of the bandwidth, in contrast to the apps described above.


Ad Blocker:

The internet is plagued by pop-up advertisements, and mobile devices are not exempt.

Pop-up blockers delay page loading speed and use up internet connection while you load a page.

The majority of the time, pop-ups contain text, links, and images, which slows down how quickly your requested page loads.

A pop-up blocker can be downloaded to halt advertisements in their tracks, enabling your browser to keep loading the actual website.

You can test out various ad blocker apps on your phone from the Google Play Store.

Keep in mind to only keep the program that you know will operate the best and that you will use frequently to avoid cluttering your phone with useless apps.


Uninstall useless applications:

Even if your device may have a lot of storage, it is always a good idea to keep your phone’s storage capacity high. Applications that you no longer use should be deleted. To remove an app,

  • navigate to Settings
  • Installed Apps and choose the desired program.
  • Click “Uninstall” after scrolling down.

Uninstall useless applications:


Preferred network connection:

Since LTE is quicker than every other choice, you must switch to LTE as your preferred network connection on Android to enhance Internet speed.

  • You can choose Settings.
  • Then select the preferred network type.
  • Now choose the option to prefer LTE.


Choose Wi-Fi over mobile data

Go to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot if you don’t have a fast 3G or 4G connection. You might get a quicker internet speed as a result.

Below are some additional suggestions to help you make the most of free public Wi-Fi in case you still experience slow Wi-Fi as a result of more people using it simultaneously.


Text mode in the browser:

You can convert your browser to text mode if all of your online research is text-based and you don’t need any accompanying images.

The browser, therefore, ignores downloading graphics and loading the text as the web site’s content to conserve bandwidth and increase speed.

Text mode in the browser:


Download a faster browser:

Web browsers also change as technology does.

It may be time to upgrade to a faster web browser if you’re still using an outdated version and haven’t thought to do so.

The more rapid browsers have been created to keep up with Internet speed and quickly download material to your device.


Too many active apps or tabs:

Your data connection will slow down if there are too many requests made for it.

Numerous open tabs and running background programs are too much for even the quickest mobile data plans to handle.

This could be the cause of slow 4G if it exists.

Too many active apps or tabs:


Overall, since these actions significantly improve your browsing experience, you don’t need several applications to speed up the Internet on Android.

However, it is advised to perform an Internet speed test to confirm that the issue is not with your carrier.

You can get in touch with your service provider if the average test result is less than what was anticipated



Why is my android phone’s internet so slow?

The main cause of phone slowdown over time is that new operating system updates fall behind older devices.

Similar to this, web browsing apps are updated to work with newer, more advanced phones.

Your phone can have trouble with the most recent operating system and app upgrades if you don’t have the newest and finest.


Which application can increase internet speed?

The Android software Internet Booster & Optimizer comes with a set of commands that prioritize the browser above other Internet-using programs.

This indicates that a faster Internet connection can be accessed.

Which application can increase internet speed?


How do I speed up my internet connection?

Let’s now discuss ways to boost your internet speed.

  • Move the router closer to your PC or get closer to your router.
  • Close any background software that is not necessary.
  • You must Delete the cache and browsing history from your Android phone browser.
  • Update your PC, including the router firmware and network drivers.

How can I boost my mobile phone’s Internet speed?

Here are some ultimate cues to speed up your phone’s internet speed. Follow the flow.

  • Clear Cache. 
  • Uninstall Apps
  • An App That Increases Speed
  • Ad Blocker
  • Different Browser
  • Maximum Loading Data Option
  • Network Type
  • Off and On Again


How to make 4G faster on an Android phone?

You must make a few changes to speed up 4G on your Android handset.

  1. Altering the APN settings on your phone.
  2. Preferred network configuration.
  3. At-Home 4G Signal Booster.
  4. Utilizing an external antenna with a mobile phone.
  5. Purchase of a New mobile.

How to make 4G faster on an Android phone?


How to increase wifi speed in phone settings?

Since LTE is quicker than every other choice, you must switch to LTE as your preferred network connection on Android to enhance Internet speed.

You can choose Settings > Then select the preferred network type > Now choose the option to prefer LTE.


How to check mobile data speed on an Android?

The app for Android smartphones is a user-friendly tool that is quite similar to the Speed Test for PCs, iPhones, and Androids.

Whether you are utilizing a 3g, 4g, or Wi-Fi data connection, you may evaluate its speed.

  •  Open the app.
  • then choose the city where the server you wish to connect to is located.

Ending lines;

All of the above-given instructions were a guide for you on how to boost internet speed on an Android.

All are equally effective. Which of these suggestions for improving your internet speed do you currently use? Let us know your thoughts and recommendations so we can encourage more people to take advantage of their internet connection.


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