How To Scan Barcode On Android?

How to Scan BarCode On Android in 2022?

Last year QR codes created hype and popularity. If you are at any restaurant or shopping mall you must get a chance to scan a QR code in any way.

Here are some great methods on “how to Scan Barcode on Android” 

Note: A QR code is also known as Barcode 


A short way on How to scan Barcode on Android:

If your Android phone has a camera App then you can surely scan QR code on your Android phone by Camera App. 

  • Firstly, open the camera app on your Android phone. 
  • Then move and adjust your mobile cam so the Barcode will fit in the frame.
  • You can also open Lens and adjust your cam so the QR code will get in the frame.
  • After that, the URL of the Barcode will appear. 

A short way on How to scan Barcode on Android:


How to scan the barcode on an android device?

It is your Android mobile cam that will help you to scan Barcode.

There are more options also present other than the camera app, for example, you can use Google Lens or Bixby.

Once you scan a barcode on your Android mobile then you can view the URL and can share it with others. Let’s take a look at some of the methods to scan barcodes. 


Use Camera App:

On most Android Mobiles، cam can be the best option to scan Barcodes. To scan Barcodes by camera App follow the given below instructions. 

  • Go towards your Android phone’s camera app.
  • Adjust your camera by moving so the QR code can fit in the frame.
  • Provide enough room for your camera to detect the entire Barcode. 
  • If the Barcode got easily scanned then a URL of that barcode will appear at the bottom.
  •  Click on it to open that URL.

Use Camera App:


Use Google Lens:

In case your Android mobile cam doesn’t acknowledge the Barcode. Then restart the cam by closing and opening it again.

If still, this trick doesn’t work then you can connect Barcode by Google Lens.

It is an app that assists you to search the web with your Android phone cam.

Moreover, there are many other options available for using the Barcode that you have scanned.

In some Android versions like Pixel 5, this Lens is already built into the mobile cam App. You have to just click on the “Modes” on the bottom of the phone screen.

If it is not present in your mobile cam App then you can download it from Android Play Store.


  • Head towards Google Lens and adjust your camera so the QR code can fit in the frame.
  • When it scans the QR code, a URL will appear on the screen.
  • You can see move options by tapping on the magnifying glass icon which is present at the bottom of your phone screen.
  • When you click on a magnifying glass you will then have 3 options.
  • Website The website calls opens the URL in your Android web browser.
  • The option of “Copy URL” copies the URL to your Android keyboard’s clipboard then you can paste it or send it anywhere you want.
  • Sharing a URL is easy after copying it. You can send it via text, email, or any other Application. 

Use Google Lens:


Use Bixby App:

In some specific Android like Samsung, their VA (Virtual Assistant) can assist you to know further about anything with a Barcode.

  • Open your Android mobile cam app and click on Bixby Vision.
  • Then click on Allow to allow all the Pop-up permissions. 
  • Now Scan and click on “Go” to navigate to see the Barcode.


Follow the mystery:

Many of us think of a mystery when they a Barcode. A barcode leads you to uncover new things just like a mystery.

For instance, from where can you purchase the clothes you see in an ad? How long does this car travel on that specific quantity of gas?

How many calories does dose fries have? A barcode scan can fix all your questions and many more.

Barcodes were present long before smartphones and your phone can scan them easily.



In case n of these techniques works then the Barcode itself can be invalid.




Does an Android phone have a barcode scanner?

Yes. Like most iPhones, the Android 10 and Android Pie have in-built Barcode readers.

Android 8 (Oreo)  does not require any specific Application to scan the Barcodes.

Does an Android phone have a barcode scanner?


Why can’t I scan barcodes with my Android mobile?

Shortly, if your Android phone doesn’t scan Barcodes then there must be an issue with the camera.

  • Open the camera setting on your mobile.
  • Now enable the option “barcode Scanner”
  • Moreover, click and hold the barcode area and Google Lens button.
  • Still, if the problem continues and you can’t scan the barcode, then download and install a barcode scanner App fromappogle PlayStore.


Can a smartphone scan the barcode?

Yes! Smartphones contain in-built image readers that can decode barcodes.  To enable them functionally, first of all, download a good barcode scanning Application.


How can I scan a barcode with my Samsung phone?

Scanning barcodes with your Samsung phone is easy with this smart technique.

  • Scroll down the notification bar to open your Quick Settings.


  • Now tap the “Scan barcode“.
  • When the Android phone’s camera app is open then click on the Gallery icon.
  • Tap on the QR code image from your phone’s gallery and click Done. 
  • Your phone will automatically use Bixby Vision to scan the Barcode from the picture and provide you with related results.

How can I scan a barcode with my Samsung phone?


How do I scan a Covid QR code with my Android phone?

  • When you visit a platform. Inspect and see if there is an NHS COVID-19 App’s QR poster present on the display.
  • Now launch your NHS COVID-19 application and click on the “Venue Check-In”
  • Then move your Android phone camera to scan the Barcode on the poster. The date and time of your visit will be saved on the application automatically.


Which barcode scanner application is best for an Android phone?

Overall Google Lens is one of the nicest barcode/QR Code scanner applications for Android devices.


How to scan Barcode Android without the App?

Google Screen Search helps its users to scan the BarCodes without an application immediately.

All you have to do is to focus your camera on the BarCode, press and hold the Home button and then tap on the ‘What’s on my screen? Option ‘ The BarCode link will be accessible for users to open and share.

How to scan Barcode Android without the App?


How to scan a QR code on a phone screen?

This is quite an easy thing to scan QR codes on Android 9.0, and 8.0 phone screen

  • Focus your mobile cam on the barcode.
  • Long press the “Home” button and scroll up to uncover the options present at the bottom.
  • Now choose the option “What’s on my screen?”
  • The quick URL related to the BarCode’s information will then show up.


How do I scan a QR code that is on my phone with my mobile?

You can scan the barcode with your mobile by another mobile.

  • Open the barcode screen to which you want to connect to.
  • Now from your phone open the camera app.
  • Then Scan the QR code by adjusting the cam to the same barcode.
  • Click on the sign that will show up on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Now Obey the instructions pop-up on the screen to finish signing in.


How to scan QR codes with a camera?

This is the most reliable and easy method to scan a barcode with help of the camera.

  • Launch your Android phone’s camera app.
  • Adjust your cam so the QR code can fit in the frame.
  • Now open Lens and move your cam so the barCode can fit in the frame.
  • The QR code will scan and a URL related to the QR code will appear.

How to scan QR codes with a camera?


Where is my QR code?

To see your own Barcode, tap on your profile icon and then the QR Code icon present at the bottom. There is your QR code to scan.


How to scan QR Codes with Vivo smartphones?

Vivo smartphone holders with Android 8.0 and above can try the Google Lens on their mobile cam. In some Vivo models, there is an inbuilt scanner, present at the smart launcher screen and Notification bar.


What happens when you scan QR Codes?

When users scan barCodes then several things can happen. Industry personnel can utilize QR Codes to distribute product information coupons, and deals, and to gain reviews and feedback. When you scan a QR code you will get the URL related to that barcode.

What happens when you scan QR Codes?

Are there any risks to scanning the QR Codes?

Nasty software that is downloaded via QR codes does not happen so often but can damage your phone. To avoid this you should only scan Barcodes that define the action. Recheck the URL slug is from a valid and authentic source.


Can an Android phone with versions 8 and 9 scan QR Codes?

Yes! Android’s versions 8 and 9 can surely scan QR Codes without any need for the application. Some former Android versions are also updated.


Are QR Codes free?

Yes, QR Codes can be developed online for free. However, these barcodes are sluggish codes and once downloaded cannot be revised.

To alter QR Code objectives you require editable QR Codes.


Ending words:

Hopefully, this article helped you with How To Scan Barcode On Android devices.

There are various methods given.

It is recommended to use your Android device camera application to scan your barcode.

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