How to track lost android phone using IMEI number?

How to track lost android phone using IMEI number?

If you have lost your Android phone and now you are finding the solution on how to track your lost Android phone using an IMEI number then we have the ultimate solution for you.

This is not an impossible task anymore even without a SIM card and GPS location.


How to Use IMEI Number to Track Your Lost Android Mobile ?

In the scenario of a lost phone, people use different methods to track their phones such as Bluetooth trackers, and GPS locators.

Well, these methods have distance limitations so sometimes they can fail to locate the phone.

Sadly, if your mobile is out of the 10-meter range then you can use an IMEI number with an anti-theft tracker App to track your phone’s current location and smash the robber’s head.

How to Use IMEI Number to Track Your Lost Android Mobile 

How to Get the IMEI number of your Android phone?

To track your phone using the IMEI number, you must know about your device’s IMEI number which is different for every device.

It is very easy to get How to track lost android phone using IMEI number?. One of the quickest methods to get an IMEI number is to dial *#06#, and your unique ID will appear on the screen.

Another method to know about IMEI numbers is to search through your phone’s settings.

In your mobile settings click on the option “about phone” here you will know the IMEI of your Android phone. 

This number is also written on the reverse side of your mobile. All these work before your phone gets lost.

If your mobile gets lost but its packaging is safe, then you can find the IMEI number on your phone packing box.

How to track lost android phone using IMEI number by AntiTheft Apps?

So, there are numerous Apps on Google Play Store that function to find lost mobiles, such as AntiTheft App & IMEI tracker for all phone locations, find my device, find a lost device, SeekDroid, and many more.

Some of them work by using IMEI numbers. Let’s take a look at the IMEI tracker App’s basic work method.


  1. In your Android phone’s Google Play Store find “IMEI Tracker” this is an anti-theft app. app that works on Android version 4.4. Download and install this App.
  2. After installation, open the application, allocate w all the permissions that it asks for, storage, call, contact, SMS, and location access. Access to all these things is necessary if you want to use the App to find your Android phone.  
  3. Now click on “continue” after a short ad. This App works great but one issue is that it contains many ads and you have to watch them all you can’t skip them, so in this way, it takes some time to work.
  4. Write the IMEI number of your lost mobile phone and check your input, then click on Track. On the next screen, a list of places will show up revealing your phone’s location and proximity.

IMEI tracker not only tracks your phone but also some other anti-theft functions every user should know about.

Once you find your phone or before your phone you should set the PIN that easily remembers. Therefore, 

So you can monitor the snatched mobile phone by sending the codes that give the alarms, send messages to its real-time location, and sync the data of the relevant device.

How to track lost android phone using IMEI number by AntiTheft Apps: 


What is an IMEI code? 

International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a particular 15-digit code that is given to every phone.

It is like an identity certificate for your device. Each phone has a particular network to make calls and send messages because its IMEI is automatically Emitted and tracked.

Police and service providers usually have databases in which these specific ID numbers fall into some white and black lists.

A phone holder can report their IMEI numbers and blacklist them when their mobile is stolen.


How do I track my lost phone with an IMEI number?

This method to find lost mobiles by using an IMEI number is so easy.

It also works when location services are off.

You have to contact Law Enforcement Agencies in your area to find your phone by IMEI number.

How do I track my lost phone with an IMEI number?

How do you track lost Android mobile if it is switched off?

Follow the instructions to track your lost mobile phone even when it is switched.

  • Open or you can go to the ‘Find My Device‘ application on another Android phone.
  • When you go to the next page, Login to your Google account.
  • An extensive list of all your phones that are correlated to the selected Google account will be shown.
  • Select your stolen device and track the phone.

How does IMEI tracking work?

Because every phone has its unique IMEI that no other phone has.

So, Police usually trace mobile phones by this number.

IMEI number assists police to track any mobile phone to the same tower when the call is made, even if any other SIM is used. So it works this way.


Can a mobile phone be tracked without a SIM card and battery?

Yes! The Radio Chipset of your phone doesn’t use the external battery power.

You can also track by the Google Account that is already logged in your device.

This work of finding Android without SIM and battery is handled by intelligence personnel.

Can a mobile phone be tracked without a SIM card and battery?

Can a mobile be tracked through WiFi?

Yes! Mobile phone WIFI often investigates and searches for WIFI network connections, blocking these probes is quite easy.

This is the most popular and legal way to track a phone, and it works pretty well.

How to track lost Android mobile using IMEI number on PC?

You can find your lost device on the computer.

Simply open the Android Device Manager Website and then log in to your Google Account that is already logged in to your stolen mobile.

Click Ok and the site will automatically attempt to access your device.

On the next screen, all devices in which your entered Google Account is logged in will appear in a form of a list.

Watch all the lists and select the device which you have stolen and now find.

How to Track IMEI number through Google earth?

This process of tracking IMEI numbers via Google Earth is the same for all the devices. Here is the precise method to do this.

  • Firstly, Download and install the application from Android Google Play Store on your phone.
  • Afton installation, open the app, and then log in to your Google account.
  • Write your mobile phone number on the text box, and click “send out a link to my phone”. You can furthermore copy the link on the mobile’s browser and tap 6.
  • Then You will see a notification with the URL link on the mobile.
  • Tapping the link opens up a box, Enable the Google Latitude option to see your new location, where you have to select ‘Yes’. Now Google Earth will report your phone’s exact location. 

How to Track IMEI number through Google earth?

Is there a free IMEI tracker?

Yes! There are several free IMEI trackers available on the Google play store.

Just search ” IMEI tracker” on The google play store and you will be presented with a list of trackers. You can choose any of them.


 Can a mobile phone be tracked even when IMEI is changed?

The CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register) portal only needs the missing mobile’s IMEI number.

And they will find the mobile there is no need for an internet connection or an ID.

You can easily find the IMEI number which is present on the packaging of the handset.

On the box, there will be a sticker pasted on which all handset information is written. There is the 15 digit IMEI number 

 How do police track the phone’s IMEI numbers?

This is possible to track phones because there is a specific IMEI number for every device.

There is one phone on one IMEI number.

So police track the lost or stolen phone with the help of an IMEI number.

The moment when a call is made to that lost phone police will immediately track the recent location where it rings by a nearby cell tower or booster.

  How do police track the phone's IMEI numbers?

Can robbers change the IMEI number?

Yes! They can alter the IMEI number of your phone with the help of a device named ‘flasher’. It is a tiny technologically advanced equipment that attaches a handset to a PC and so enables the user to alter the IMEI number.

Once the IMEI number of your phone is altered then it is almost impossible to track your mobile phone.

Can IMEI be unblocked?

Yes, it is possible.

When you block your IMEI number for defensive purposes so no one can track your phone.

When the purpose is solved then you can legally unblock your IMEI number.

Can you locate a lost cell phone that is turned off?

A lost phone that is already off, surely you can find the phone via Google Location history.

Which is termed as “Timeline”.

There is one exception: there must be a Google Account connected to your lost phone.

Can you locate a lost cell phone that is turned off?


How do I track my mobile phone location history?

Follow the given instructions to track your phone’s location history,

  • Open “Timeline” on your mobile phone.
  • Open the Settings then open The location History option.
  • Then, select “Enable Location History” or “Pause Location History”.

How can I block my lost mobile phone?

You can block your lost phone by following the  instructions below,

  • Search and log in to your Google Account that is connected to your lost phone.
  • The missing mobile phone will receive a notification.
  • On your phone, you will get the location of your stolen device on Google Maps.
  • Click what you need to do. If desired then tap “Enable lock & erase“.

How can I block my lost mobile phone?

Wrap up:

Hoping that this article explains to you “how to track lost android phones using IMEI numbers”.

Tracking a phone by IMEI number is a little hard but not impossible, it must be done by professionals.

But once the IMEI number is changed then it is impossible to find or track the phone.

If your phone is lost all you have to do is to report it to the police and inquire the service provider to block all services on your phone.

Police will track your phone.

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